1. Why are we making people buy wristbands this year?

A bunch of reasons. It's a crowd-control issue, because wristbands allow the bars to allow people to enter faster. (However, many bars will still ID you. We wish they didn't have to, but their liquor licenses are on the line, and in the end it's up to them). Wristbands also allow us to pay for security guards, which we're hiring because last year a couple people got mugged and a few bars had their windows broken, and we don't want that kind of thing happening at the ZPC. We want it to be fun and safe. It also allows us to pay some of the people who've been helping us, like DWITT, our poster illustrator, who until this year has been paid only in cases of beer. And Matt, our web designer, who just had a kid. The money also goes to booking bands and renting a bunch of porta-potties. A bunch of the money from wristbands will go to state in the form of sales and entertainment taxes. We're also planning to donate a portion of proceeds to the University of Minnesota Department of Neurology's Alzheimer Research Program (because healthy brains taste better!). And finally, after all that, we're going to pay ourselves for the time we put into organizing this thing, which we've done for free five years in a row now.

In short, we understand that people might be upset to have to pay for something for the first time in six years. But we also know that Kielbasa Fest happened last week in Northeast and cost $10 and all you got there was a polka band. In other words, we just ask that you try to remember how much fun you've had in previous years, and then ask yourself if that's worth $5.

2. And I really can't get into bars without a wristband?


3. Can you mail me my wristband?

No, sorry. We have to check your ID when you put it on.

3. Won't there be huge lines for the wristbands if everyone has to start at one of two bars?

We're going to have a lot of people wristbanding, and the two wristband locations are outdoors, so you won't even need to go into the 501 or the Acadia if you don't want to. It'll be even faster if you order your wristband ahead of time.

4. Really, I should order my wristband ahead of time?


5. How much is it?

A wristband is $5 in advance here or $10 the day of the crawl. A wristband is required to enter the bars and to get the drink specials! If you buy yours in advance, pick it up at one of two Will-Call tents: The 501 Club and the Acadia Cafe. You may purchase wristbands the day of the crawl at ANY PARTICIPATING BAR.

6. And my friends who I bought wristbands for need to be there when I pick mine up?


7. Do I need a wristband to get into the bars?


8. Where do I get my wristband again?

Purchase it in advance here. Or buy it the day of the crawl for $10 (which is twice as much, so really, you should buy yours in advance). Pick up your wristband that you purchased ahead of time at the 501 Club or the Acadia Cafe. If you order more than one, you need to be there with your ID in order for your friends to get their wristbands. AND YOU CAN BUY DAY-OF WRISTBANDS AT ANY BAR. (Sorry about the all-caps, but that's a really important detail.)

9. What happens at 4 pm?

The Crawl starts! Step One: Go to the will-call wristband tent in either the 501 Club parking lot or the Acadia Cafe parking lot to pick up your wristband that you purchased in advance. If you're not already zombified, there will be makeup tables at the 501 Club too. NOTE: We are not meeting at Gold Medal Park, as we've done in previous years.

10. Do I have to be 21 years old to participate?

Yes! Unless you just want to zombie around the neighborhood and not go into any bars. You can totally do that if you're under 21.

11. Does a wristband get me into the Har Mar Superstar show at the Cabooze?

No! Tickets to the big dance party at the end of the crawl are $15 and are available HERE!

12. What other bands are playing?

There's a full list here.

13. What does a VIZ package get me?

A wristband, a ticket to the Har Mar Superstar show at the Cabooze, a t-shirt, a souvenir cup, a poster, and admission to three VIZ-only areas along the crawl, with shorter lines to the bathroom/bar. Buy yours now!

14. Do I have to dress up?

Yes! That's the whole point! Well, that and the drinking and the dancing. If you want help zombifying, makeup artists will be on-hand at the 501 Club. Or you can make an appointment with these guys.

15. Should I stagger into traffic?

No! Are you an idiot?

16. Should I break a window again, like I did last year?

If we catch you breaking windows, you will go to jail. Even worse, you will be banned from the ZPC for the rest of eternity. Remember: Just because you're a zombie, that doesn't mean you get to be an asshole.

17. Do zombies tip?

Yes! You're drinking cheap drinks, but that doesn't mean your servers are working for free. Also, they have to clean up after you. Zombies tip very well.

18. What bands and other activities should I look for?

The itinerary is right here.

19. How many people will be there?

Our team of Zombie scientists have conferred with the zombie actuaries, and the answer is . . . roughly 8,000 people. So bring your friends.

20. Where can I get zombie makeup and supplies?

We recommend going to Twin Cities Magic and Costume in St. Paul. We know it's a drive, but it's well worth it. Print the coupon and they'll give you 10% off your purchase!

21. Is there anything else I should do while I'm on the West Bank?

Yes! There are all kinds of cool businesses over there. The Weinery serves up killer food. The Mediterranean Deli has the best gyros in town. There's a pretty sweet grocery store called West Bank Grocery. There's a Pizza Luce on Franklin, about three blocks off the route, that will be serving discount slices to zombies. Please support these local businesses while visiting this great neighborhood!

22. What should I wear to the Zombie Pub Crawl?

Wear anything you want to, just not something you mind getting blood* on!!! Let's face it -- zombies are not clean people. There's a good chance you might get covered in blood or, if you're lucky, brains.

23. Will we be doing much walking?

About 1.5 miles. We will be walking like zombies, so it will take longer to get from one bar to the next. Also, you may need to stop to feast on human brains.

24. Should I bury my clothes now and dig them up for the Zombie pub crawl?

That's a really, really good idea.

25. Can I go get one of those awesome t-shirts without buying a VIZ ticket?

Nope, sorry.

26.. How late does the Zombie Pub Crawl go?

For all eternity... Actually, the pub crawl is scheduled until 12 am, but once a zombie mob gets started, no living human possesses the power to stop it.

27. Can I bring my children?

Sure. You just can't bring them into the bar.

28. How do I become a zombie?

The easiest way is to find someone who’s already a zombie and let them eat you. Short of that, you’ll have to use makeup. A little fake blood goes a long way, and it can be made at home with corn syrup (or glycerin) and food coloring. And oatmeal is the zombie’s best friend: combine it with some corn syrup for that great "rotting flesh" look. Here are some great tips.

29. Will the Zombie Pub Crawl provide free drinks?

No. Sorry, but there will be zombie drink specials!

30. What is the official Zombie Pub Crawl Cheer?

What do we want? "Brains!"
When do we want ’em? "Braaains!!!"

31. Do I have to dress up?

No, but if you don't, the other zombies will know. And they will mob you.

32. Will someone be providing human blood? Or any type of real blood? (We get this one a lot.)

Are you kidding? NO! No real blood, lots and lots of fake blood.

33. What bars are we going to?

There's a list here.

34. How can I order drinks? Zombie’s don’t really talk, do they?

The bars along the crawl will be expecting you. If you go to the bartender and say "I'll have a round of brains, please," expect to get the "zombie special". This specials vary from bar to bar.

35. What do zombies do?

Zombies like to horde-up whenever possible. They never walk in single file lines.
They respect other peoples' property.
A zombie cannot turn down the chance to eat brains.
And most importantly, zombies always act like zombies. So if you catch someone not being a zombie - eat their brains.

36. Can I come as a Zombie-Killer?

Absolutely. But unlike many zombie movies, at the pub crawl the zombies always win. Always. So if you come to kill zombies, you’ll have to die by the end of the night. See you there.

37.Where can I stay for the ZPC?

Stay at Town Place Suites, downtown. Or stay at Holiday Inn! Zombie mayhem 'till the break of dawn. --Sorry, but there's no official arrangement with hotels this year.

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